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Hohhot, located in northern China, is a renowned city known for its ethnic roots. It is not only home to many places of interest, but also endowed with picturesque landscapes. The culture and its richness is demonstrated through the unique folksongs, dances and Mongolian-style wrestling events. These and more will contribute to a pleasant and unforgettable stay here. Visitors credit their enjoyment to the natural landscapes in Hohhot.They include the Huitengxile grassland, Gegenlata and Xilamuren. The grasslands are filled with rivers glistening under the sky and extend as far as the eye can see. For those from urban regions, the grassland an ideal place to get away from the noise and enjoy what nature has to offer.

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What to See
Inner Mongolia has a peculiar natural scenery, long history and brilliant culture. There are many historic sites in this area. Some of the key historic sites are:
Wudangzhao Monastery in Baotou is a vast complex and used to be the residence of the highest ranking lama in Inner Mongolia and now it is the only intact Tibetan Buddhist monastery there.

Inner Mongolia is the hometown of Genghis Khan (1162-1227), the great leader of Mongolians. Genghis Khan’s Mausoleum, located 185 kilometers (about 71 miles) south of Baotou, holds his clothing buried in his memory.

Dazhao Temple is one of the biggest and best-preserved temples in Hohhot. Xilituzhao Palace is the largest surviving Lama temple in Hohhot.
Zhaojun Tomb, six miles to the south of Hohhot, is located on one of the most beautiful scenes of ancient times. A legend says that each year, when it turned cold and grass became yellow, only this tomb remained green and so it got the name Green Tomb (Qing Zhong).

Tailor Made Inner Mongolia TourBut what is most attractive about Inner Mongolia is its natural beauty- Xilamuren Grassland. The mushroom-like yurts, bright sky, fresh air, rolling grass and the flocks and herds moving like white clouds on the remote grassland, all contribute to make the scenery a very relaxing one. While visiting the place you may try different activities such as Mongolian wrestling, horse & camel riding, rodeo competitions, archery, visiting traditional families and enjoying the graceful Mongolian singing and dancing. The best time to visit the grassland is definitely during the traditional Mongolian Nadam Festival period when there is a better chance to both participate and feel the lively atmosphere of the grassland life.

You can also visit deserts in Inner Mongolia. The deserts are located in the western part of the province: the most famous and visited ones are the Badain Jaran Desert, Tengger Desert and Kubuqi Desert. Early autumn (from the middle of August to the end of September) is the best time to explore the desert as the temperatures are very temperate.

Resonant Sand Gorge means “the desert with horns” in the Mongolian language. Located  the east side of Kubuqi Desert, this site is in a crescent shape with gold color. Resonant Sand Gorge is featured by its amazing desert landscape and the whispering sand dunes. In the conditions of the dry climate, people will hear sounds like a bugle and drumbeat in the sand if they surf along the slopes of the dunes.

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