Inner Mongolia Weather

Inner Mongolia WeatherInner Mongolia is far away from ocean with a wide area and a high altitude above sea level. Hence, Inner Mongolia has a temperate monsoon climate, featured by few and irregular rainfall, drastic shift of temperature. Cold, long winters with frequent blizzards; warm, short summers; from west to east, the climate changes from arid to semi-humid, and to humid in the northeast.The climate in Hohhot is characterized by the long winter and short spring, summer and autumn. It is quiet dry, with an annual precipitation varying between 350 millimeters (13.8 inches) and 500 millimeters (19.7 inches). The best time for a Hohhot tour is from April to October. To enjoy the vast grassland, tourists should visit between mid July and early September.Inner Mongolia Weather

The best time to visit Inner Mongolia is from May to late September. To travel in the Inner Mongolia grassland area, you’d better go in summer, especially from July to September. If taking a trip to desert areas, you’d better go in autumn.

The mean annual temperature is around 8 °C (46 °F), but the annual temperature range and diurnal temperature range is great. The temperature can drop abruptly by 10 – 14 °C (50 – 57 °F) at night. It is windy and arid in spring, rainy in short summer, clear in autumn and cold in winter. In January, the temperature is usually below zero. In July, the average temperature is 16 – 27 °C (61 – 81 °F).

Avoid Peak HolidaysInner Mongolia Weather)
It is not a good idea to travel in China during Chinese holidays when huge numbers of Chinese people are travelling around. The busiest three national holidays in China are Chinese Spring Festival (usually in late Jan or early Feb.), International Labor Day (May 01 to 07) and National Day (Oct 01-07). Spring Festival is an especially crowded time to travel. The advantage of being in China at this time is that you will get the opportunity to experience “first hand” the significance of these celebrations in Chinese culture.
Other Tips on Hohhot ToursInner Mongolia Weather)
The Inner Mongolia is a Mongol nationality autonomous region; there are many taboos you should pay special attention to. When you go to a Mongol camping place, behave yourself. Mongol is a hospitable nationality, when invited to a dinner, you must have some local table manners, for example, when the host toasts a drink or offer you the milk tea, you should drink it, and otherwise, you are insulting them. A small gift is appreciated. When offered food, use your right hand to get it.  

The local food is main the Mongol food containing lots of mutton, if you can’t get used to it, there are many choice in the Hohhot. The local delicacy is the grilled mutton, don’t miss it.

Inner Mongolia Attractions

Xilamuren Grassland 

Kubuqi Desert

Genghis Khan’s Mausoleum

Resonant Sand Gorge

Zhaojun Tomb

Five Pagoda Temple    

Dazhao Temple

Inner Mongolian museum