Beijing to Hohhot Trains

Beijing to Hohhot Train

Inner Mongolia is the Mongol Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China, located in the country’s north. Inner Mongolia’s neighboring provinces from east to west are Heilongjiang, Jilin, Hebei, Shanxi, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Gansu, and to the north it borders Mongolia and Russia.
In China, taking a train is a comparative cheaper way to cut down the travel cost. While correspondingly, the comfortable level is lower than by air.

Generally, the seats on the train in China have tow types including soft seat and hard seat. Also, there are tow kinds of sleeper seats on China’s trains which are hard sleeper seat and soft sleeper seat. Hard sleeper seats are divided into upper hard sleeper, middle hard sleeper and lower hard sleeper (lower hard sleeper is the best); while soft sleeper seats are divided into upper soft sleeper and lower soft sleeper (lower soft sleeper is better).

There are 17 trains running from Beijing to Hohhot, the capital of Mongolia. You can choose different trains according to your holiday with us.

Beijing to Hohhot Train Schedule and Fares

Train No.




Seat Fares


Hard Sleeper


Soft Sleeper 


K217 Beijing West-0:33am Hohhot East-10:08am 9 h35m 91 158/164/169 243/253
K55 Beijing-2:55am Hohhot East-9:57am 7 h2m 75 133/138/142 205/214
1458 Changping North -6:43am Hohhot-6:29pm 11 h46m 75 133/138/142 205/214
K617 Beijing West-10:24am Hohhot-7:11pm 8 h47m 75 133/138/142 205/214
K1177 Beijing-1:35pm Hohhot East-9:38pm 8 h3m 75 133/138/142 205/214
Z179 Beijing-3:15pm Hohhot East-10:29pm 7 h14m 75 133/138/142 205/214
Z315 Beijing West-3:33pm Hohhot-10:09pm 6 h36m 75 133/138/142 205/214
K1595 Changping North-7:50pm Hohhot-6:59am 11 h9m 86 152/156/161 233/244
K263 Beijing-8:13pm Hohhot-5:24am 9 h11m 75 133/138/142 205/214
K573 Beijing West-8:35pm Hohhot East-6:41am 10 h6m 91 158/164/169 243/253
K597 Beijing West-9:26pm Hohhot-7:18am 9 h52m 91 158/164/169 243/253
K41 Beijing-9:40pm Hohhot East-8:55am 11 h15m 91 158/164/169 243/253
K89 Beijing West-10:17pm Hohhot-7:25am 9 h8m 75 133/138/142 205/214
Beijing-10:49pm Hohhot-5:14am 6 h25m 75 133/138/142 205/214
1133 Beijing West-11:02pm Hohhot-8:55am 9 h53m 80 147/153/158 232/242
K273 Changping North-11:05pm Hohhot-8:02am 8 h57m 72 129/132/136 197/204
K885 Beijing-11:41pm Hohhot East-8:25am 8 h44m 75 133/138/142 205/214

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Beijing to Hohhot Trains