Xilamuren Grassland

xilamuren grasslandXilamuren Grassland is one of the must-see attractions in Inner Mongolia. In Mongolian language, Xilamuren means “yellow water”, and some people would like to call it “Zhao River”. This grassland is about 90km away from Hohhot in the north.Xilamuren Grassland is a typical highland pasture. In summer and autumn, there will be green grasses and flowers everywhere. In recent years, because of investigations and constructions of the local government, Xilamuren Grassland has become a famous grassland scenic area of Inner Mongolia with quite perfect hospitality facilities.

In Xilamuren Grassland, the Naadam will be held every year. In this festival, the three sports of wrestling, horse racing and archery are the three skills of Mongolian men. Here, visitors can watch the superb performances of the agile and brave prairie people as well as to take part in the activities to show their charm.

In Xilamuren Grassland, travelers can appreciate the beautiful sceneries of the prairie, feel the heroic mood of prairie nomads, participate in the grand ceremony of Ovoo Worshipping, enjoy the typical delicacies of prairie nomads, and taste the unique and robust culture of Mongols. Here, the enchanting ovoos, the Great Wall of Qin and Han dynasties, and the fascinating prairie sunrises and sunsets are all lifelong unforgettable.

This place has a large temperature difference between day and night. In midsummer night, it’s cool like in autumn. On this vast grassland, the magnificent Puhui Temple, the intelligence gathering of people from different banners, is a summer palace exclusive to the Living Buddha. The Xilamuren River flows by this temple, adding some dynamic beauty to it. Lying quietly on the grassland by the beautiful Xilamuren River and listening to the chanting, the sound from the heaven, you’ll find the way to deal with your troubles in work and calm your irritable mood.

Crossing the Xilamuren River behind the Puhui Temple, then you’ll reach to the Alebin Ovoo Hill to overlook the vast grassland. Here, there are 62 Mongolian gers, 30 among which are modern star-standard accommodations for visitors. Besides, there’s also unique ethnic food for you to have a taste. After appreciating the ancient buildings, you can also to the boundless grassland to enjoy the natural beauty.

Travel Tips
Best time to visit
xilamuren grasslandThe average temperature between July and August is around 20 C. During this period, cool mornings and nights will make you have a leisure time here. The best time to visit the grassland is in summer and autumn. At this time of year, the pleasant climate, the blue sky and white clouds, the rolling grass, the wandering flocks and herds, the passionate herdsmen and their Mongolian food will undoubtedly leave you with a deep impression. During the Nadam Festival held every summer, tourists can enjoy a series of different activities, including camel riding, horse racing, wrestling, archery, a camp fire party and singing and dancing. You can even take part in some of the competitions that you are interested in. A big surprise is probably waiting for you!

Nadam Fair in Xilamuren Grassland
Xilamuren Grassland is the nearest grassland tourist attraction to Hohhot and the earliest one in Inner Mongolia. The average temperature in summer season is about 18℃-21℃. The grassland has rolling hills and lush green grass.

During the Nadam Fair held in each summer, the whole grassland is throbbing with excitement and full of activities. Tourists can experience a great many activities, such as living in a yurt, a camp fire party, singing and dancing, watching camel racing, horse racing, and wrestling. You can even take part in some of the competitions you are interested in; perhaps a big surprise is waiting for you.

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