Inner Mongolia is the second largest provincial-level region in China, just after Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and spans over 1.18 million km².The Province has a peculiar natural scenery, long history and brilliant culture, and the most attractive places of historic interests include the Wudangzhao Monastery in Baotou, a vast complex and used to be the residence of the highest ranking lama, Dazhao Temple, one of the biggest and best-preserved temples in Hohhot, Wanbu Huayanjin Pagoda, also called the White Pagpda, used to be a place where nearly ten thousand volumes of Huayan Scripture, and much more. However, what is most impressive about the region should be the natural beauty: vast grasslands, the mushroom-like yurts, bright sky, fresh air, rolling grass and the flocks and herds moving like white clouds on the remote grassland. Besides, the most famous and visited deserts in this region are the Badain Jaran Desert, Tengger Desert and Kubuqi Desert, and the tourists can enjoy the graceful Mongolian singing and dancing, horse and camel riding, rodeo competitions, archery, the traditional family lifestyle.

Inner Mongolia has beautiful lakes and pastures, thick ancient forests, the Gobi desert as well as a centuries long history and culture, with the minority customs and special ways of life, all these have made Inner Mongolia an ideal resort which is attracting more and more domestic and foreign tourists.

Top Inner Mongolia Tours

inner mongolia tour

Highlights Beijing Inner Mongolia 6 Days Railway Train Tour

Tour Style: private Tour
Departure Date: Daily Tour
Attraction:Mutianyu Great Wall,Forbidden 
City,Summer Palace,Xilamuren Grassland
Resonant Sand Gorge
Service:English speaking tour guide + vehicle + entrance fees

Price from:US$460                                             

inner mongolia tour

5 Days Beijing Inner Mongolia Classical Tour(with hotel)                   

Tour Style: private Tour
Departure Date: Daily Tour
Attraction: Dazhao Temple,Xilituzhao 
Palace,Grassland,Resonant Sand Gorge
Genghis Khan’s Mausoleum
Service:English speaking tour guide + vehicle + entrance fees

Price from:US$388          

4 days Grassland tour to Inner Mongolia from Beijing by flight

Tour Style: private Tour
Departure Date: Daily Tour
Attraction:Xilamuren Grassland,Dazhao 
Temple, Resonant Sand Gorge,five tower 
temple, Xilituzhao Palace.
Service:English speaking tour guide + vehicle + entrance fees

Price from:US$295                                                        

Inner Mongolia tourInner Mongolia  Attractions

Inner Mongolia is a beautiful place in the north of China. Some people say that sunshine, fresh air and vast forests are one of the biggest draws for modern travelers. Luckily, Inner Mongolia, located in north China, contains all of these features. It has vast grasslands, masses of flocks and herds, and diamond-like lakes. It is the hometown of the great Genghis Khan. For a traveler to Inner Mongolia, below is a list of the top things to do.

 Xilamuren Grassland

 Resonant Sand Gorge

 Kubuqi Desert

 Dazhao Temple

 Inner Mongolian museum

 Genghis Khan’s Mausoleum 

 Wudangzhao Monastery     

Zhaojun Tomb

Five Pagoda Temple    

Hohhot White Pagoda        

Inner Mongolia Travel Guide

The best time to visit
Inner Mongolia can get very cold in the winter and travel plans can be affected by snow or blizzards so avoid this period if you can help it.It is widely accepted that the best time to visit Inner Mongolia is in the summer between May and September. 
Inner Mongolia TourWhat to bring
The region’s proximity to the desert means it can be very warm during the day but become very cold at night and in the early morning. Bring a good mix of clothing for this range of temperatures.You will experience a lot of direct sunlight in Inner Mongolia’s vast expanses so don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and some lip balm as it can get very dry!Lastly, a good pair of trainers will go a long way in your grassland and desert adventures.

Transport to Inner Mongolia
Unless traveling to more distant locations such as Hulubuir or Badain Jaran desert, most travelers will start their trip in Hohhot.
To reach Hohhot:
By flight: Flights from Beijing to Hohhot’s Baita International Airport take around 45 minutes with Air China, China Southern and China Eastern all flying this route. 

By train: A train from Beijing to Hohhot takes between 6 ½ and 11 hours and costs about 250 Yuan for a hard sleeper. 

By bus: The long-distance bus from Beijing Liuliqiao Station (A1, Liuliqiao Nan Li, Fengtai District) to Hohhot takes 8 hours and costs 150 Yuan.